Sarah C. Westen, PhD
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Sarah Westen, PhD


Sarah Westen, Ph.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor, licensed psychologist, and Director of Diabetes Behavioral Medicine and Psychology in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida (UF). Dr. Westen is a member of the JDRF Psychosocial Advisory Committee, former Chair of the American Psychological Association’s Special Interest Group in Diabetes, and former JDRF National Psychology Fellow. Prior to coming to UF, Dr. Westen completed a research fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health. Clinically, Dr. Westen sees patients for outpatient psychotherapy in the UF Psychology Specialties clinic and for psychology consults with the UF diabetes team. She is currently leading research projects examining sleep, glycemic control, and adherence in type 1 diabetes; and the feasibility of telehealth interventions to promote health outcomes in diabetes populations. Dr. Westen’s research has been awarded multiple grants from UF, National Institutes of Health, and the American Psychological Association.